A Day in Ubud

When planning a trip to a new place, it seems like picking out the excursions and activities is the most challenging thing to do. How do you know which things will best fit your interests? What do other people think about their experiences there? This kind of trip research can be overwhelming enough when going to a new state... now add on the stress of going to a foreign country... HELP! 

This is where the easy-to-use Trip Advisor app saved the day. From my phone, I was able to save adventure ideas to look into once I got home each night, and the Trip Advisor website was so convenient! This was my go-to method for planning & booking my Bali attractions, and all the confirmations were saved on my phone!

Karis renee Ubud Bali swing

Bali Swings

Visiting the Bali Swings in the town of Ubud was my #1 excursion that I wanted to take while visiting this island. You literally get strapped into a harness, and then they push you on a GIANT swing that goes over the edge of a giant forested mountain (This is the closest to sky diving that you'll ever catch me doing)!  What a thrilling experience to spend time in the jungle and swing above the valley with an amazing view of a canyon and waterfall.

This was an amazing way to spend the day and try something BRAND NEW!


TripAdvisor is the world’s largest provider of tours, activities and attractions, with more than 56,000 bookable experiences in 2,500 destinations worldwide. These TripAdvisor Attractions offer something for every kind of traveler; book everything from walking tours, skip-the-line access (YASSSSS!) and theatre tickets to hot air balloon safaris and Everest base camp treks.

From my experience, booking attractions in-person, after arrival, can be really risky – there are no reviews to read, no “big picture” overview of what’s available, and some attractions may even be unavailable once you get there or fully booked at short notice. This is the fastest way to kill the fun of a big trip. SO glad that I found a way to plan ahead and avoid waiting for hours in long lines.

Planning Ahead

You could say that Bali was my 1st "un-supervised" trip out of the country (no parents, teachers, etc.). Because of this, I felt a lot more responsibility to plot out the details of how I'd spend my days. In the past, I'd just go where I was told, but this time when booking on TripAdvisor, I was much more prepared! 

I booked each day of activities at least one week in advance and saved all of my confirmations to my phone so that I could take them with me on the go. Day #2 in Ubud, visiting the Bali Swings was the ultimate way to kick off an amazing trip to this beautiful Indonesian island.


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