Soaking Up the Balinese Sun

Karis Renee in Bali at TS Suites

Away I go to Bali!

This summer, I was BEYOND excited to take my very 1st trip to Bali, Indonesia, where I was introduced to new food, culture, fashion, and more. Before exploring the full lay of the land (and while I also waited for my lost bags to arrive), I decided to take some much-needed "me" time and spend some time by the pool. This has truly been one of the first times that I've had to myself to flip through my bridal and fashion magazines to get some new ideas for my big day! Thankfully, the luxury 24 hour rooftop pool and bar at T.S. Suites was more than perfect for this little retreat.

My Bali Braids

Sidenote for my ladies out there who are thinking about traveling to a destination like Bali (warm weather, high humidity, daily adventures, lots of sweating, etc.)! I highly recommend braids. Two braided pigtails like this, pinned around the crown of my head, were perfect for avoiding unnecessary damp & unruly hairstyles. I styled my hair like this about 50% of my time in Indonesia, and it was perfect for keeping it OUT OF THE WAY & also fun to let down at night for a heat-free curly do at dinner!

Bali is definitely a great destination for those looking for an adventure into a new world. The tourism industry is amongst the main attractions for the island of Bali, and the professionals who work in the hotels, private tours, and group excursions have all gone through additional schooling (post-grad) in order to work in these positions. Needless to say, it shows!

Over the course of this trip, we have planned for several days of adventures, but I have to admit that my favorite part of a trip away from home is taking advantage of the accommodations waiting for me at the hotel! Burying myself in the covers of a fresh bed, taking a dip in the pool, having a cocktail while taking in the sunset... now a girl could get used to this! After the longest flight EVER (literally, we were in the air for about 30 hours), I need nothing but relaxation. I'm glad to say that Bali is looking good for a potential return trip.

Thank you to TS Suites for having me on this wonderful trip!

Your hospitality was remarkable, and I cannot wait for my next trip to beautiful Bali.

Stay tuned for my review on Bali as a potential wedding destination & honeymoon! Could you see yourself getting married here? Most brides that I've spoken to so far have rated the island of Bali as a great spot to enjoy their honeymoons.

...I can see it!

Minding MY Own Business...

You should try it. It'll change your life.

What do you guys think? Where should I check out next?

Bali was stunning, but I think there's still more ground to cover. Everyone that I spoke to (from locals to tourists) ALL said that one week was simply not enough. The most interesting part of chatting with people was finding out about the adventures that I had not tried yet. I now have a long list of new places that I need to try out! Waterfalls, elephant rides, a sunrise hike up a mountain...Yikes! Where to begin?

Next week, I'll be taking you along with me to see what I was able to explore in my amazing week in Bali.