Overnight Essentials

Whether I’m going out of town for a week or just escaping my routine for the night, there are a few things that I must have with me at all times. Now, granted, we all need a good toothbrush and fresh spanx, but today I’m just going over my accessory necessities that I absolutely can’t travel without.

Overnight Essentials black pumps

#1 Solid close toe classic black heels

Not every day is a pedicure day….as a matter of fact, most days are NEED a pedicure day. So when I’m not sure where I’m headed, it’s always safe to have a good go-to set of heels like these to keep me covered.

Overnight Essentials 2 sunglasses

#2 Blackout Sunnies

Metallic is cute and all, but when you have to put together a look on the go, I always recommend black on black. Nothing beats this classic! I literally carry around a pair of black frame + black lens sunglasses in my purse each day.

Overnight Essentials 3 necklace

#3 Statement Statement Statement Necklace

As a bling-a-holic, I need at least 1 statement necklace per day. For me, the bigger, the better. Size. does. matter. This is especially true when you need something to completely dress up an entire look! With one big chunk of well-designed bling, you can get away with the most basic of outfits and still look like a million bucks!