Selling Your Shit

I am always on the hunt for a new way to recycle my old style. Whether it be a little “tailoring magic” to that thrift store find or just finding a new home for that blazer that never worked for me, I’ve got to do SOMETHING with my old stuff or risk being ambushed by the camera crew at “Hoarders”. I’m about 1 intervention away from having a real problem.

My latest find is Poshmark, a buying and selling app using what I like to call “social commerce” to re-circulate style from one closet to another. As we all know, one gal’s last season Chanel can be another gal’s treasure. This is where I sell my new and gently used items that just need to go to another home. We all have a few things that we loved at the time but never wore (I actually still have items with the tags attached that just never found the right event to “stun”!). Well, for those items and more, I post to Poshmark (or “Posh” for short) and watch the coins roll in!

Here are the Posh tips for getting started:

New to Poshmark? No problem! We think you’ll find selling on Poshmark so easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before.
Here’s how it works: List. Ship. Earn. It’s really as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1: List Your Item.
Start by finding an item in your closet that you love but just don’t wear anymore. For example, do you have….

A dress you wore to a wedding once? (mhmm) A skirt that still has tags on it? (always) Jewelry from an ex that just needs to go? (yas Gawd!) Killer heels that were always a tad too small? (don’t we all?)
Then, list them for sale on Poshmark, girl! It’s easy and free.

Step 2: Ship Your Item.
Once your item sells, let the Poshmark team do the hard work. They send you a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label. All you have to do is print it out, package up the item, and drop it off at the corner mailbox (if it fits) or at the nearest US Post Office. No stamps, no hassle! (I usually knock this out on the way to work!)

Step 3: Earn Cash.
You can withdraw your earnings from Poshmark anytime…for free! Deposit your money directly into your checking account, request a check, or use the cash to purchase directly on Poshmark. You choose.

So let’s talk about how the selling fees work. Yes, posting is free, and technically selling is “free” too, but when you DO make a sale, they will deduct a 20% commission fee from your earnings. This means that you keep 80% of the sale price as your earnings (so you should really factor this into your pricing before you start).

Now, I know that 20% sounds like a lot. Frankly, it is a lot, but here’s why it’s worth it to me: They handle the financial transaction for you (including paying all those pesky credit card fees), provide you with a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label, and will serve as your customer support team for your sale (this means mediating on your behalf if there is ever an issue. Stay tuned for some of the crazy stories I’ve experienced! Posh support has been a LIFE SAVER).

Once you see how simple and easy it is to sell on Poshmark, you will fall in love with your closet… again. Sell what you have in your closet so you can shop for what you REALLY love today.
I’ve been doing it since 2012, and I’m still really pleased. Check out my online “Kloset” here to see what I mean.
Happy Poshing!