Good as Gold

Karis Renee jewelry + All The Wire

I'm not sure about you, but gold has been my go-to jewelry vibe for a minute now.

I love a mixed metal look, but there's something about layering on all the gold that just feels like true 90's GLAM to me!

(and per usual... with hair and with jewelry... the more layers the better!)


At this point, I'm willing to wear anything shiny enough to distract from my quarantine "struggle" manicure! These statement twist earrings and necklaces by All The Wire were exactly what I needed to pair with my statement Power Point ring (now on SALE)*.


"See how the telephone wire keeps going and going? That's how much I love you, all the wire...."

BTW this "no makeup" look is brought to you by a host of products, so let's go over the list, girl: