The Squad does Sundance

I've always looked at technology as a means to express my style. Since I'm always on the go and constantly using my personal devices, finding the perfect "travel-friendly tech" is a high priority. From photo edits to writing this very blog post, it's key to have tech that can keep up with my lifestyle, and my squad of fellow creatives can also agree. Before heading to Utah with my crew for The Sundance Film Festival, I thankfully found the compact new Dell XPS 13 for my journey; the brand's smallest 13-inch laptop, now perfected & remastered for my needs. For 3 days, our creative group of influencers was brought together to celebrate the launch of the perfect device to meet our needs in style, snowmobiling, and Sundance.



I absolutely LOVED being able to experience Park City, Utah while celebrating the launch of the new Dell XPS 13 at Sundance. I expect my devices to not only perform well- but also look great while doing it. Hey... I do, so why not my tech!

Sundance Film Festival was the perfect opportunity for me to blend technology into my lifestyle. With all of the amazing films premiering this week, I was definitely on a pretty big movie kick, inspired to experience a few on my own via my laptop. Thankfully, my on-the-go viewing experience has forever changed thanks to Dell Cinema.

With CinemaColor 2.0, CinemaSound 2.0, and CinemaStream 2.0, it's simple to enjoy richer, more vibrant color details as well as Intelligent Bass Enhancement AND prioritized streaming content for maximum bandwidth + incredible resolution.


Over the course of three days, I experienced the most powerful 13-inch laptop in its class, with the latest Quad Core 8th Gen Intel processors. Perfect for users like me that are always on the go, up to 21 hours of battery life powered my experience at one of the most exclusive film festivals in the world. From snowmobiling down the slopes to catching a few celebs on the streets of Sundance, this festival season has started out picture perfect, thanks to the Dell XPS 13 and it’s everyday use.

All opinions shared here are my own, based on my own experience with the Dell XPS 13 laptop, and this blog post is proudly sponsored by Dell.

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Many Thanks to The Dell Team for making this weekend so special.